Villa Toledo - Luxury Toledo Bend Lake Rental

Unit 4

This is a beautiful three bedroom - 3 bath suite that is complete in every way - spacious living areas, full kitchen, washer and dryer - the works.

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The Living and Dining Areas have a great view of the lake and wooded areas

The spacious living area has all of the amenities you would expect, including gas-fired fireplace and satellite TV. A bedroom opens off the living area and another off the foyer by the stairway that goes to the upstairs third bedroom.

The spacious kitchen/bar area is conveniently located between the living area and dining area and includes necessary dishes, silverware, and cookware.

The Master Bedroom (above) and Second Bedroom (below) are both on the first floor
The Third Bedroom (below) is upstairs, has plenty of space, and natural lighting from the high windows in both the bath and bedroom areas.
The three bedrooms, pictured above, are all beautifully appointed and each has a private bath.
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